Navigating En-tropy Video Competition

Create a video of how you and/or others navigate entropy.What are the successes and challenges involved in navigating entropy? What are the different approaches to navigating entropy?

Prizes will be awarded! To learn more, follow this link.

2017/2018 theme: en-tropy

The first idea often conjured by the word “entropy” is the tendency of things to drift towards disorder. Entropy, however, is also very much about order. The tendency towards disorder can be overcome or reversed––through energy and work. The energy and work of writing a sentence. Drawing a line. Composing a photograph. Meditating each morning. Conducting an experiment. Running a company. Organizing a protest. Powering a car. Re-considering a theory, a practice, or a design to make it more efficient, coherent, inclusive, humane, or whatever quality we are aiming for in our work.   Read More…